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Recognizing the Consumer's Need For Unbiased Information in Common Vendor Service Audits

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Service Providers have realized less than 2% of companies hire an industry specific firm to review their services. This has resulted mostly because of all the upfront cost corporations face with little guarantees of savings.  Keeping this in mind has resulted in NUA-i to move to a performance-based approach so there is NO RISK for our clients.

Operational Audits are the most cost effective means to save money without major business upset.  Most individuals can’t figure out their home telephone, cell phone, cable, or electric bills but bring that same level of expertise to the work place. 

Without being an industry insider with all of their privileged information the fact is you’ll never know what you could be getting for your money. So just ask us - we’ll tell you.  We know all the industry insider secrets because our organization is filled with top-level professionals with decades of experience and have access to unpublished rates a service provider will never give you.

Our involvement with clients has but only two outcomes; we can impact your company in a positive way or you get a clean bill of health so to speak.  The best part is since we’re performance based the outcome is either; it costs you nothing, or we become revenue producing for a given department.

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